Do you travel for weddings?
Absolutely, we love to travel and experience new and exciting locations! 

How do we book?
Filling out the contact form HERE is a great start! We would love to meet up and learn more about you guys that way we can figure out which package fits best for you. Once you're ready to book we ask for a 50% deposit for your invoice to lock in the date and a signed copy of the contract. The dates cannot be reserved until both of these items are received. From there we can start planning and talk about the vision for your big day!

What forms of payment do you accept?
Check, PayPal, Diner's Club, or Cash.

When and how do we receive your materials?
You will receive a Vimeo link for your video and/or a dropbox link to your full gallery. Turn around time is usually anywhere from 3 months but sometimes longer depending on the season. 

How long is the short edit? How many images do we receive?
This really depends on the song selection. We recommend you send about 3 songs for us to choose from, and please don't choose 1000 years by Christina Perri. When it comes to photography the amount of photos depend on the details of the event and how many guests are present. 

What about long edits?
Our long edits are very different from the typical long edit because they are completely seamless. We include multiple highlight reels scattered throughout the ceremonial pieces... kind of like montages. The duration for long edits really depends upon how long the ceremony is and how much of it you'd like in the edit. Length will fall anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour. 

Do we receive the raw photos or video?
You will not receive RAW/Unedited images, although we'd be willing to send raw footage if you provide us with a hard drive. 

Can we post our content online?
Yes Please!! Just make sure to tag us @shuttersoundweddings on Instagram that way people can see our content :)

Should we hire a second shooter?
If it's a small, simple event then it's not necessary, but if we have prep in 2 different locations and a lot of moving pieces, it is certainly recommended. 

What other services do you offer?
Albums, Prints, Drones, as well as live-streaming. If you're looking for services outside of photography and cinematography, feel free to ask! 

Have a question that I didn't address here?
Don't hesitate to ask!